Purchase limit in LV-stores?

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  1. Hi there! I'm new to this forum, so this is my first post (apart from that in the presentations-thread), so I'm sorry if I ask a bit stupid or something.
    Anyways, I've always wanted a Vuitton-bag, and I now find my self in a situation where I can afford not only one - but several. Of course, that makes me want some luggage as well as a bag or two, and maybe a wallet or something like that in addition, but I've heard some rumours that there is a purchase limit of two items per person in the stores or something. Is that true? I plan on going to Copenhagen or Stockholm to buy mine, and of course - I will be happy with just one, but it would be fun to fly home with a keepall or maybe even a pégase since I think a LV luggage set is really nice to look at.
    And that's another issue, I've heard that it's common that Pégases get stolen? I think I want one, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a suitcase that is likely to get stolen...
    This will be my first designer bag(s?), so I'm kinda clueless, so I appreciate all the help I can get :smile:
  2. I've heard about that at some stores. Personally I have never had that problem. I once bought 3 wallets and an Epi bag from the Paris store and didn't have any problem with my purchase. It wouldn't hurt to try and if they don't let you just ask why, and explain to them this is your first purchase. I think they don't like people who buy LV to resale (for a living) so they have some sort of record I think. If you are a first time buyer I don't think you will have a problem.
  3. I don't think a spending limit is something you need to worry about, I've never heard of that.. LV is used to customers who spend a LOT of money..

    Personally I would not get LV luggage to check in.. I would only get pieces small enough to use as carry on, since luggage does indeed get stolen.

    I've been to both the Copenhagen and the Stockholm LV boutiques, wonderful stores :biggrin: I like the one in Copenhagen the best.
  4. I know there is a limit in the parisian shops; I even heard 1 bag per person especially if you re Asian :sad: I guess they want to prevent from copy or reselling or whatever.....It s unfair and a few years ago I met that Chinese couple on the Champs Elysees who sent me to buy a bag for them in LV, giving me the cash ! But its quite common and now the SA are aware of that.....I dont think you ll have any pb in Copenhagen, the Danes are very cool people.....
  5. the way I see LV luggage is, it screams "GO THROUGH MY STUFF!" My Samsonite does the same job but blends in with the other meaningless luggage so it's not singled out as the jackpot bag.
  6. Wow, thanks for the replies:smile: I think I'll follow your advices and stay off the pégase for a while (when I think about it it's a bit of a waste too since I usually travel domestic for weekens and don't really need a suitcase at all), and maybe I'll buy a pégase the day I get filthy rich and can afford to buy a private jet (I'm such a dreamer)or something so that my luggage will be with me all the time.
    Having this cleared I'm even more excited about buying my first items and planning what to buy - I can't wait:biggrin:
    Btw Swedie, how's the selection in the Scandinavian shops? (I'm quite sure I'll be going to the one in Copenhagen).
  7. I have never heard of such a thing as a purchase limit. The only scenario where I can think of something like that possibly occurring is for very limited edition items - let's say for example there were only 5 crystal thedas available in a given country. Rather than have 2 people buy up all five, the store might prefer having 5 people get the chance to buy one each.
    But if you're talking about the "regular edition" LV merchandise (which is probably roughly 90-93% of their products), no, I have never ever heard of or witnessed such a thing as a purchase limit.
  8. In my experience, I find that the more you buy in one shopping visit, the more the SAs will like it, lol! And if you only buy one item, they'll ask "Is that all?"
  9. Haha, good! For a shopper that's used to h&m I'm a bit worried about how the SA's will be, but I guess they won't be disappointed then (since I'm planning on buying 3-4 items).
    I'm so excited :smile:
  10. That's really terrible, if the discrimination is true.
  11. I was in a store where a gentleman purchased quite a few items. I didn't notice if they were all the same but that sure would be terrible!
  12. My coworker was asked by two asian women to go in and buy a bag for them (it was the new store in Paris). She thought it was weird (she's didn't understand why they couldn't buy more than one bag), but was asked because she spoke Mandarin. She told me this story when I came in with my Petite Noe and wondered if LV was big or something!!
  13. Maybe they have a purchase limit on the same bag or item. They might not let you purchase more than one or two MC Speedy 30's, for instance.
  14. I bought three bags and one wallet, a dress, 2 pairs of shoes, a scarf and a dress last saturday in Paris flagship LV. No problems.
  15. I think you should call the store you are going to and ask. My best friend is Chinese and she's never had a problem buying what she wants from the Paris store, so I don't know if I believe that. although her father is well known in Paris, so that may be the difference. He's in high end real estate.