Purchase from ebay seller yuko0702?

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  1. Has anybody purchased Chanel or Hermes from this Japanese seller? Did you incur import duties, and if so can u plz give me an idea of how much as compared to the bag price? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. I have purchased from Yuko before.
    For U.S., duties is 8%.
    Yuko has sold fake Chanel bags in the past. But they usually sell authentic.
    Whatever pre owned item you decide to buy, you should always get it checked out via authentication.
  4. I find it strange but I notice many of their items are relisted. I hope I am wrong but I have often wondered if there is some type of shill bidding going on with most of their items. They have really nice items but I know I will not have a chance winning anything with their aucitons and then likely will see the same bag listed over and over; sometimes 3 or 4 times (check sold in the advanced settings and you can see this). Nothing else makes any sense but they must have someone bidding and if it doesn't reach the price they want they just relist it. Very disappointing and unfair to buyers. They should just set a reserve or a buy it now price. I even once saw the same bag ending and relisted at the same time. I inquired and within a few hours the new listing was taken down. I wouldn't buy from them for that very reason.
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  5. Thanks for the responses. Yes I have sometimes noted the relisting that goes on with this seller if they don't get a good price! I really don't want to buy Hermes from a foreign country (for the import duty issue) but I get tempted each time as they start bidding so low lol!
  6. All is not bad.

    I've purchased a like-new Kelly from this seller (I wanted a specific leather that H no longer made). I did check the completed listing and saw that the bag had been listed and "sold" once prior to me seeing the auction. I placed my bid and won. The bag was everything that I hoped it'd be. I got it for a pretty good deal. It was what I was willing to pay for the item and be happy about (this is most important). In addition, I saw an exact bag (minus the condition, it was well-used from the pictures posted) months later from another Japanese seller who had the item for BIN for about $1k more than what I purchased my bag for. My bag did incur import duties. Fortunately, the mailman (same guy who I ranted about marking my items delivered but wouldn't deliver for 1-2 days later) who delivered the package didn't even bother to collect the duties and just handed it over to my husband. I haven't had any collection calls so I assume I'm in the clear for the no duties :smile:

    Not all overseas items get taxed when they enter the US. If you purchase a bag that comes with the original gift box, chances are the larger shipment boxes will get stopped, inspected and taxed. I've made tons of purchases prior to the vintage H, many in the $3k-5k range (items did not come with the original gift box) and all have cleared customs within hours of arriving. My vintage H did come with a box and the package was quite big (probably stood out like a sore thumb among other incoming packages) and of course got picked up.
  7. Well that's encouraging :biggrin:!!
  8. I've purchased several items from Yuko. I've never had a transaction not get completed and I normally chalk that up to non-paying bidders. Although shill bidding is possible. I've purchased Chanel and LV items and I haven't had to pay any fees. I have another package on its way from her so hopefully the streak keeps up. Hope this helps!
  9. Are duty fees paid on the price that you paid, or on what the item would normally cost retail?
  10. It's based on the amount that the seller declares as the item's value (usually the amount that you won the item for).
  11. I was looking in "advanced" setting and did a search in ebay sold for red chanel mini flap (I am trying to see what the average price these sell for are) and I saw the same bag listed and sold 3 times from this seller. Very odd. I can't imagine three people would back out of a sale when the price was so great for the bag???
  12. Which one?

    The one identified (in title) as r52632 has sold 4 times.

    1. This is the winner of the first time it sold on March 6: 1***2[​IMG]
    2. This is the winner of the second time it sold on March 12: 0***d[​IMG](There's nothing questionable about that bidder but this is the anonymized ID of another bidder in the same listing: 1***2
    3. This is the winner of the third time it sold on March 23: 1***2[​IMG]
    4. This is the winner of the fourth time it sold on March 29: l***d[​IMG](This is a legit bidder.)


    The one identified (in title) as r1307 has sold twice.

    1. This is the winner of the first time it sold on February 28: 1***2
    2. This is the winner of the second time it sold on March 5: 1***2
  13. The first one was the one I had seen. There was one other that sold 5 times but I only noticed when doing the search for chanel red.

    This sold on 3/23, 4/1, 4/7,4/13 and 4/19

    It is possible these are legitimate sales and the seller might just have a great deal of buyers that don't pay. It just seems off.
  14. I have purchased, no issues. Pretty sure seller shill bids, though I can't see how it makes financial sense. Doesn't *bay charge fees on the "sold" item?
  15. I would assume that the fake bidding account would then move forward to cancel the transaction and the seller would agree (duh, why not) and then the fees would be lifted.