Purchase from another SA? *Opinions needed plz*

  1. Ok so my stupid cell wasn't working yesterday and I completely missed the call from my regular SA that Neo Cabby MM came in. In the messgae she said she couldn't hold the bag for me as it was in high demand (which I understand). I called the store today and the lady that answered said my SA is not in today and they only have the blue cabby (I'm still undecided on color until I see both IRL). I called another local LV that has both colors available. Would it be wrong of me to make the purchase from a different SA? I would feel guilty going back to my regular SA and she sees me with the bag....:sweatdrop:

    Opinions would be appreciated!!:yes:
  2. I think your SA would understand. If you want the denim one then get it from the SA that's in the store. If she had held it for you she probably would have gotten some credit for the sale. Since she didn't then it forces you to just get it with whomever. And, if you decide you like the black one instead then get it from the diff store. I don't think your SA would hold it against you.

    I deal with a regular SA and mine was out and she knows when I visit is only when I can due to my schedule (personal, work, school) so there have been times she was not there and I purchased things. Sure, it felt kinda weird, but usually I try to come when she's working. And there have never been any hard feelings.
  3. No way!! Get it wherever you can, before they're gone!!

    She will understand if she wasn't there then you had to move quickly!!
  4. ITA with Traci!!
  5. I don't think it's wrong to purchase from another SA.
    Can't you go in tomorrow and have him or her locate the one you want for you and have it shipped. dob't know how this works but I would think as it just came out and its not limited the would be able to find one for you. It just might take an extra day or two to get it.
  6. I did the same thing. I have 2 SA's that I work with regularly... one at NM and one at LV. I got the call from my SA at LV first, so I took that bag. My SA at NM has always been fine with that, I think. I just go for it when the opportunity comes! Sometimes it's hard to get these bags, so I go with whoever calls me first.
  7. Since it isn't limited I suggest you wait for your SA to come back and have her locate it for you. Or chances are they will get more in soon. Or you can buy from the other LV and establish a relationship w/a second SA. It is nice to have 2 SA's to work with. I buy from two different SA's (in different boutiques) and try to give one of them my business before I go elsewhere.
  8. i'd buy the blue one from your store or SA if it's still there, then go to the other store and if you like the black one better, exchange it :yes:
  9. get it before its gone.