Puppy's "first coach"!

  1. My daughter and I were shopping for a new handbag for her at the Columbus store and couldn't resist bringing home something for our 6 month old "Loki". We bought it big so he'll have plenty of room to grow.
    We think he looks fabulous!
    DSCF1325.JPG DSCF1322.JPG DSCF1328.JPG
  2. Your dog is so adorable!

    Great coach model!
  3. what a cutie!!!!
    the collar looks darling!!!
  4. So cute! I bought my puppy 2 different ones and they are just too big on him. They fit around his neck but the metal is just too bulky and he can't seem to move in it. But oh well, yours looks totally adorable!
  5. awww sooo cute! I want to get my dogs a collar so bad...
  6. Your dog is adorable! I love the collar!
  7. Adorable dog!
  8. Awww... so cute.
  9. too bad Coach won't fit on small dogs.
  10. I just switched from LV to Coach for the girls!! They both have the same color as the one you chose...so cute...love the fire hydrant! Coach collars hold up so well (so much longer than LV)
  11. I have 3 chihuahuas, and the collars are great on them! I just wouldn't get a leather collar for a toy, I did that for my little girl, and it was too thick, I would get the thinner signature collar, that would work better for a toy dog (my girl doesn't have one because she likes to eat things, and my mom is afraid she'll eat the collar).
  12. What a handsome fellow! He'll be the most stylin' pooch in the neighborhood. :yes:

    My heavens, how big is Loki giong to get?! He's not looking very "puppyish" there. ;)
  13. Just curious, what kind of dog is Loki?
  14. aww how cute I have a chi/papillion and he refuses to wear a collar and I want to buy him a coach collar so bad. He would stay depressed all day if I put it on him:sad: too bad
  15. awww... too cute!