Puppy with roundworms.

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  1. This is mine and my husband first puppy shes 8 weeks and a chihuaha jack russell mix. We got her monday from a family friend I took her to the vet on tuesday and the poor thing has fleas and roundworms

    Heres my question i do wash my hands alot after i pick up her accidents and before i eat... but like I have a weak stomach (crohns disease) and my immunity is kinda low when it comes to my stomach. Im kinda on the lookout so i dont get sick from her. They gave her meds and stuff K9 and dewormer and heartguard. and they reassured me Id be okay. But she sat on our couch and stuff... should i spray the couch with like bacterial killer.

    Maybe im over reacting since shes like 2.5 lbs....and most puppys are born with worms. but i love her and i want to be healthy too. Any advice?
  2. I would say that you should be fine...did you ask the vet's opinion? Or maybe even call your doctor for reassurance? I'm almost certain you should be ok though. Let us know! And welcome, welcome to the new little one!
  3. Good question... And I hear your concern since you feel you are more immune-compromised than others. Your vet should have knowledge of zoonotic diseases, sometimes more than your primary care physician. Roundworm is a zoonotic disease, meaning you can get roundworm from your infected dogs. If your dog is dewormed, then the roundworms are passed out of the body via dog's feces. Here is a specific article from the CDC website (http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dpd/parasites/ascaris/prevention.htm).
    And I assume you have applied something for the fleas, too? If you used something like Advantage or Frontline, the dead fleas will fall off your dog's body, so vacuuming and washing carpets, beds, etc., may be something you want to do often.
    As for disinfectants, I don't think they will 'kill' fleas and roundworms in the environment per sae... Disinfectants are usually against bacteria and viruses... I think washing your hands after handling your doggie, doggie's dishes, feces, urine would be at least the minimum of what you should be doing.
    Sorry, I can't be much of help...