Puppy Valentine <3

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  1. Do you celebrate Valentines day with your pets? Like you would any other Holiday? My dogs get a little goodie bag with heart shaped cookies, and a Valentines toy from Petco or Petsmart. Also a cute Valentines t shirt.
    I'll post pictures next week when they get their goodies!

    So do you all do this for your pets, have pictures of their presents or them from past Valentine's.

    My dogs are verrry spoiled when it comes to Holidays, and Valentines Day is one of my favorites b/c of all the pretty and cute stuffed animals and flowers, so on!!!:yahoo:
  2. for xmas i give my pups presents, because they love tearing off the paper (moreso than the toy inside, usually). i hadn't thought about valentines day! i think i'll get them each a new toy. i wish i could give them special food treats, but they have really sensitive stomachs.
  3. I do give each a little treat, and one of my dogs sends his "girlfriend" a card each year. :P
  4. Sooo cute! Mrs. SR- who is your dog's girlfriend? That's adorable.

    This is our first Valentine's day with my little guy (we got him just a couple weeks after Vday last year) but I did pick him up a special toy- it's a little loofa dog from PetSmart that is covered in conversation hearts! He has a little shirt from Petco that says "Love Bandit" so he'll wear that on the big day :love:
  5. lol i'd love to get reggie the pom valentines day gifts but since he's a boy, i don't get him all the pink toys and clothing. he'll just get a hug and kiss from me on valentines day.
  6. I know, that's the sad thing about V-day boy's kinda miss out. Petco had the cutest litle shirts for girls and I got Licorice a little pink dress and both a stuff toy (even though Licorice doesn't play with toys) They didn't have a huge selection for boys so I just got Roo a cute blue sweater to wear outside
  7. We bred our Coton once with another Coton from Pasadena named Lucy. She belongs to a friend of mine. So, to keep the humor going we send each other's dogs either toys or treats and always cards for all holidays. My friend kept the girl in the litter, so my granddog gets a card as well. Silly, but fun.
  8. Aww very sweet.
  9. For Valentines day my three boys(puggles) lol are getting a doggie cake all decorated for v-day :smile:
  10. That is so cute.