puppy pictures!

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  1. as promised, here are some pictures of our new 10 week old lab puppy boomer. we got her from rescued paws in longview washington. they run their rescue as a network of foster homes....she is SO well adjusted. super curious and spunky. and SMART. she's already responding to her name most of the time and going to the back door when she needs to potty. for now she's black, but we think she's going to end up brindle like lily. her paws and chest are already changing color and her foster mom said puppy's mom looked just like lily. she's going to be HUGE too....her feet and legs are already bigger/longer than lily's and lily's a good sized dog.

    hubby and i have arranged for at least one of us to be home for the next week. as i mentioned in my other thread lily isn't thrilled but she's getting better. just normal stuff...taking the puppy's toys away from her, showing teeth when puppy jumps on or bites her, sulking, etc. but we're keeping them supervised. don't want lily to forget that ultimately WE'RE the boss and if we give puppy her toy, it's hers.

    anyway we took them to the beach today for the first time. they got a chance to run around and play....i think that will make a big difference. it was really wet so that's why boomer soaking. it was hilarious to see her follow lily into grass 3 feet high then try and get out. i'm so excited for our new beach dog! :heart:
    CIMG2624-3.JPG CIMG2630.JPG CIMG2653.JPG CIMG2652.JPG
  2. She is sooooo adorable!!!! :love:
  3. She is adorable- you are right- she's going to be a huge dog! Look at the size of the paws and her limbs! Your other dog will adjust- give them time and I'm sure they'll be best buds!
  4. :heart: :tender:
  5. i love labs...so cute ilzabet!!!:heart:
  6. She is so cute, I love the first pic she looks cheeky.
  7. Soooooooo Cute
  8. awww, sooo precious! i hope you snap lots of pictures and remember how she is when she's this small and cute! :smile:
  9. She is soooo cute! She looks like she is going to be a big girl! I love the pictures of her eyes. Looks like crazy hyper puppy eyes!
  10. Adorable! Congrats and thank you for rescuing!
  12. he's gorgeous, congratulations on the new addition to your family! :flowers:
  13. Precious pup!!
  14. Congratulations to you and Boomer! It's wonderful you adopted a rescue pet too. He's a cute guy!
  15. awww very cute!!!