Puppy Mills on Oprah

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  1. oprah is busting puppy mills. yay!!!!
    I hope this show will bring more awareness to people who are clueless about puppy mills
  2. yuippe...:yahoo::yes:
  3. I hope so, too. And lots of people watch Oprah, so this can only be good, right?:tup:
  4. I heard this on the radio this morning. Said something about Oprah doing a show for animal lovers. I figured something cutesy.. but glad to hear it's about puppy mills. And the millions of people that watch this will hopefully understand and put forth an effort to stop this. Yay for Oprah!

    But I'm afraid to see footage of these poor pups at mills. I've seen some videos online and it kills me to see them in such horrible conditions. :sad:
  5. Hope this is good. I really don't understand how puppy mills can be accepted. Why isn't there a law that says that you can only have max 3 litters/year per house.
  6. wow, i just watched. the footage was very eye opening.
  7. it was so sad when they dumped the dead dogs in the trash!! it made me cry. i cant believe they just shoot the dogs when they dont want them anymroe
  8. hey if you know where there is a puppy mill, should one report it or something? Because I know a place where i heard the dogs are inbreeding and they aren't treated like they are suppose to. Also the place doesn't look to animal friendly.
  9. I was so angered watching this show, the inhumanity was unbelievable. I'm glad Oprah showed the reality for what it is though. My boston terrier was a b-day gift froma pet store from my hubby. He didn't know about puppy mills at the time (4 yrs ago). After viewing her papers, I realized not too long ago that she came from a puppy mill. It makes me so angry to think her parents may be suffering like this. I have said this and will say it again, any future pets that I get will come from rescues or shelters.
  10. I would suggest making a complaint to animal control. They will more than likely go check the place out and issue citations as necessary.
  11. One by one I pray all puppy mills are shut down.
  12. Me too. :shame:
  13. wow wish i didnt miss this episode, but maybe it was better i did..i woudlve cried the whole time..