Puppy Mill Investigation Channel 4 Milwaukee 4/25/07

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  1. I know a lot of people here are concerned about puppy mills, I thought I would pass this along... http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/7191936.html There is a video of the investigation on this webpage, it is on the left, a large blue button that says - creatively enough - VIDEO.
  2. so sad :sad:
  3. So sad. Thanks for posting the link, though...puppy mills won't stop until people stop buying dogs from pet stores!! :sad:
  4. I was shocked by the video, it is so sad. The woman couldn't even comment she knows that they are guilty and that is why she threatened to call the cops.
  5. breaks my heart.
  6. That's so sad v.v;
  7. So sad and very true.
  8. i just watched the news about a puppymill in nebraska that was shut down....

    I hope more puppymills are being shutdown....

  9. Whats so frustrating is that there are people out there (like my fiancee's mother *cough*) who think that puppy mills don't really exist...she thinks that they are just made up by animal welfare groups to make people afraid to buy puppies from pet stores...ugh!!!:sad:
  10. Commercial breeders and puppy mills are all the same they sell to pet stores and on the internet. As long as there are people out there willing to buy from a pet store there will always be legal and illegal puppy mills!

    Don't buy from a pet store just because the puppy looks sad. Ever thought of why the puppies look so sad? Puppy mills!
  11. ^ita
  12. Sigh...

    And apparently Quebec (province) has the most puppy mills in Canada because the law is quite lax in that matter :crybaby:I wonder how we'd place compared to the US states...

    It's pretty dreadfuls but the politicians don't seem to care about this issue. At all... :sad:
  13. I thought about how everyone says to not purchase puppies from pet stores because of the puppy mills.. but if thats what everyone starts doing... what baout the puppies stuck in that situation that has no one to save them? :sad:
    I want to buy all of them! It's so sad...