Puppy Mill Information

  1. I am afraid to read it.
  2. A lot of those auctioneers and their workers look like they're amish... (?)

    That's terrible, the look on one of those tiny baby's faces when the camera looked up at him/her...so sad :sad: Terrible stuff.
  3. ^^ The Amish are notorious puppymillers:cursing:

    Our little Wally Moose came from an Amish livestock auction.

    He and his sister were being sold as a "breeding pair."

    When they came into rescue, he was close to dead from malnutrition.

    They had never been in a house, slept on something soft or owned a toy.

    They did not know about petting, bathing, brushing or playing outside.

    For the first couple of weeks, they were terrified to go outside with the other dogs because they were afraid that they would never get back into the house.

    Two years later, little Wally Moose is a big old bed hog. He sleeps on our heads in the bed at night and has his good boy tubby every week.

    Another one of our puppymill rescues, little Swiffer, is only comfortable when he is touching one of us.

    We have been trying to teach him about life outside of a cage, but since he lived in a cage for the first year of his life it is very slow going.
  4. Sickening.
  5. OMG Robyn that is so sad :sad:
  6. Robyn that is so sad!! Bless your heart for taking them in and showing them love and giving them a lovely life. and 'Wally Moose'...I love that name. So cute.

    Couturegrl, I can't look at the link, but I will say there is a special place in hell for those people.
  7. I got emailed this too. It's awful that things like this exist in our world. :crybaby:
  8. Robyn, bless you for rescuing those poor dogs. So sad.
  9. Awww =(
  10. i noticed that too.....