Puppy Growing Up - First Snow!

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  1. Oh my how time flies. Some of you may have seen my Puppy Makes Three post with our newest addition Trooper to the family. Well, he's getting huge! He's bigger than Quinn, our Siberian Husky female (although she still weighs more!) and he's up to 41 pounds as of last Tuesday...so he's probably heavier now.

    He's losing that 'puppy' look. And now he's had his first snowfall!!! :P

    It started falling last night...



    And of course the big dogs are also enjoying the weather.

    Everyone having fun!!!


    Thanks for letting me share! He's such a doll and makes us laugh every day with his antics.
  2. OMG!! Those photos are so beautiful they almost don't look real. What a sweet day for the puppy! Thanks for sharing, the pics made my night!!
  3. They are just beautiful!
  4. OMG...Gorgeous photos and puppies..thank you for sharing..I love your puppies..
  5. They're all loving the snow with those furry coats! How cute--thanks for posting the pics for all us pet lovers.
  6. bless. he's is beautiful! Gorgeous!

    Those photos are postcard worthy!
  7. Made my morning such beautiful pictures, they all look so cute playing in the snow, bet they love it

  8. :yes:

    You should use them as Christmas cards! :biggrin:

    ETA: In fact, if you did make them into Christmas cards, I'd buy them! :yes:
  9. awwww!!!!
  10. What a beautiful family you have! Your dogs are gorgeous! I have a pet named Quinn, too.....but she's the complete opposite of your baby. She's a teeny six-pound calico cat!
  11. They are all so beautiful and serene and I agree with those who said these pics should be on a postcard.
  12. You have gorgeous babies!! I'm so jealous of the snow!! How did he like it btw?
  13. Your dogs are beautiful, especially Trooper.

  14. That IS opposite! LOL Our Quinn is too fat...up to 55 pounds now and the vet is getting on us ot get her thinner. :sad: Poor baby. Too many snacks.

    ETA: In fact, if you did make them into Christmas cards, I'd buy them!
    LOL If I knew how to make cards I would totally do that! I might have to see if I can get one of my contacts in the Etsy world to make cards from them. I'd LOVE to use them as our Christmas cards this year!!! They are our babies after all. :P
  15. Beautiful dogs. They look so happy in the snow. Trooper is a handsome young man. I bet you have lots of fun with all of them.