Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet today

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    Every Testosterone High Holy Day (Superbowl Sunday), Animal Planet shows a new production of Puppy Bowl. It starts at the same time as the Superbowl game. (Pacific time is 3pm.)

    I love it. Any pugs I am fostering love barking at the dogs on TV. When they take a break, I bark at the TV to get them started again. It's a great aerobic workout for the pugs!

  2. i love it, but it looks like all the dogs are medium sized dogs. i love watching the little dogs take comand of the big dogs.

    i didnt see any goldens, pugs or saints in the starting line up.
  3. Puppy Bowl rocks!
  4. Wigglytuff -

    There IS a pug!

    Vote for the pug as MVP at

    You have to click on the right arrow. The pug is at the end.

    This is the best puppy bowl ever!
    *Dogs on lawn chairs are fans at tailgate parties watching puppy bowl on TV
    *Hall of Fame scenes from previous puppy bowls
    *Inserts of crowds of humans going wild

    I'm loving it!!!
  5. I just saw the "streaker!"

    It was a hairless chihuahua they let onto the field. They put a black bar over part of her to hide the "nudity."

    Soooo funny!
  6. dBF & I were watching this throughout the afternoon! we loved this!
  7. We always watch the PB!! My daughter loves it, and so do I - too cute and getting better every year.
  8. I missed the PB this year. But we left in on for our puppy while we watched the first half of the SB at our friend's house. Bf was worried that we would come home to a broken tv, lol.
  9. This was the first year we watched the puppy bowl, it was so cute! My 8 year old son loved it! it came on here at 3 pm the first time, 3 hours before the actual super bowl. But, they kept replaying it all night.
  10. LOL, what is it with pugs and tv? My pugs love to watch TV! All you have to say it "look" and they will go running over to the TV and watch forever. They especially get a kick out of the Puppy Bowl and go crazy barking. We actually leave the living room TV on for my pugs when we leave the house. Of course it's always left on Animal Planet. :yes:
  11. I voted for him! Yay, they finally have a pug on there. Last year I think there was a pug-mix though. He only have 3% of votes. :sad: I bet he'd have more if he wasn't last.
  12. Yay for Matilda, MVP Beagle!

    LOVE those beagles! :heart:
  13. ^^ it was soooooooo cute!!! :tender:

    p.s. i think my fave was the tiny black
    puppy who looked like a mixed breed...
  14. Oh, I missed it :sad: I love the Puppy Bowl! I have to check and see when they will be replaying it.
  15. She was so cute! Definitely got my vote!