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  1. All right animalicious ladies - without getting downright gross, do any of your dogs have ummmm puppy B.O.?

    I have two dogs - my first guy we bathe about once a week or week and a half and he's fine. No issues, doesn't small bad. I love him to death.

    However, we recently got a second dog and that little bugger stinks! We bathe him about 2x a week in a special medicated shampoo since he has some mild skin irritation per instructions from our vet. But he stinks and I can't stand it! The best way I can describe it is puppy B.O.? Since both of my dogs are puppies, they tend to wrestle and play a lot so I presume part of that smell might be dog saliva from playing or even sweat.

    Do any of you ladies have this issue and what have you done about it??? I already bathe my second dog 2x a week with his medicated stuff. Once he goes off the medicated shampoo, I'm going back to bathing him once a week like my 1st dog but I'm scared he'll smell even worse then. :amuse:. When I took him out of his crate this morning, I literally had to febreeze the crate because it smelled so bad.

    Any way to get rid of the doggie B.O.? Its driving me nuts. :nuts:
  2. IF your dog has the same skin issues as my cat, his fur has been smelling ALSO because of the skin condition, and after a bath it totally relieves the smell. We have to bathe him now only when the skin flaking flares up, and the smell has been a big difference than it was previously.
  3. It might have to do with the skin condition you mentioned, as bunny stated above. That may be the cause of the smell, but also, depending on the breed of dog and what kind of fur/hair he has, it might just be his natural smell. It shouldn't be sweat, as I think dogs' sweat glands are located primarily in the paw pads (correct me if I'm wrong) and don't sweat as a method of thermoregulation, like humans do.

    Also, you mentioned that after getting off his medicated shampoo, you will bathe your dog once a week. but just be careful that if a dog is bathed too often the skin will be stripped of its natural, protective oils. This may result in dry itchy skin, which can cause your dog to scratch, further irritating the already sensitive skin and maybe cause the skin condition to flare up again.
  4. wat did u vet say about the smell?
  5. My dogs' paws smell like Fritos when they are warm... but I don't consider that a bad smell!
  6. what brand of dogfood do they eat?
  7. Same here! My babies like to lay out in the sun. When they come in, I swear it smells like corn nuts!

    When we first smelled it, we didn't know where it was coming from, we never even had corn nuts in the house. A little more sniffing and we found the culprits :lol:
  8. LOL about the Fritos and Corn Nuts! My beagle (the one that doesn't smell bad!) smells like rice, I swear - although my SO doesn't get it.

    My other dog that does smell is a mix. We just adopted him not too long ago and I didn't start to get bothered by the smell until recently (this week). We took him to the vet when we first got him but I didn't ask about the puppy BO since it wasn't as apparent then. I guess I'll ask him about it when we go for a follow up to my puppy's skin condition.

    Bunny - I never thought the skin condition might contribute to the smell but that's a good point.

    We just bathed him last night so I'm feeling sane today haha. I guess I'll just bounce it off my vet the next time I see him.

    Thanks for the tips ladies.
  9. My dog smells like fritos when he's dirty, LOL!
    His breathe stinks though. Not a fan of Turbo kisses.
  10. Shah has that classic puppy smell mixed with pee.
  11. Most doggies paw pads do smell like Corn Chips :nuts:

    But I think you are referring to your dog's overall smell. I found that when one of my Chi's was eating Innova EVO small bites (VERY high in fat) she stunk to high heaven and her fur was just greasy all the time.....I bathed her and by the next day she would stink again.

    I switched her food to Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit food (Much lower in fats) and her fur is completely normal now and and she does not stink anymore.

    Talk to your vet about a possible dietary change and also do bloodwork, as a thyroid condition will make a dog smell more than normal.

    Dogs do not sweat like people do, that is why they pant when they are hot (if I am correct)
  12. hahah! :biggrin: I just went and sniffed my puppies' paws and you are SO right!

    OP- I was thinking that it might be his diet too. Have you tried different foods with him and still had the problem? Also- when you're doing using the medicated shampoo I would totally reocommend the Kiehl's for dogs shampoo & conditioner. It's gentle on their skin & really works wonders to get the stinkys out and keep them away. My dog has a streak of dark, textured hair on his back that really gets stinky and this pretty much solved the problem. I bathe him once every 2 weeks now w/ the Kiehl's and its no longer an issue. They even have an in between bath spray that is basically a shampoo that you dont have to rinse out. Maybe that will help!
  13. I am really sensitive to smells and the "doggy smell" is one that I just cannot handle well. I did a lot of research when I got my Maltese and remember reading that sometimes dogs smell bad when they need to have their (sorry TMI) anal glands expressed. They do this at the groomers but maybe your vet can do it if that is what's causing the odor.
  14. We know that smell well with our gang and once you have smelled it you will never forget it - smells like a mixture of fish and battery acid... If it is anything like that smell, Rainedrop1019, then the anal glands could well be the problem.
  15. Take your puppy to the vet asap.

    Puppy breath is normal.

    Dog bo is not, especially puppy bo.

    You might find out the answer is easy, like changing the dog food.

    But my Honey Bunny pug only got bo in the last months before dying.

    Yes, I am trying to scare you. I want you to take the puppy to the vet and get some lab tests.

    For a quick fix, there is something MUCH better than Febreeze at keeping the air fresh. I love it. It is all natural and works continuously if you get the block or gel form.

    You can find Canadian, UK, and Australian retail locations at OnaOnline.com

    I order online for my US friends at http://www.emeraldhydrogarden.com/

    By the way, never use scented Febreeze around people or pets. Scents used in air fresheners cause cancer. Honest. I think the Anti-microbial Febreeze is OK but I don't know for certain.