pupcorn! a treat i don't feel guilty about giving!

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  1. i am an over-treater. :shame: i can't help it...the things she does for them are just so dang cute and she gets so happy. (bad dog mommy, bad.) i'm lucky though...if lily isn't hungry, she won't eat. however, she's also very very picky and only likes mostly high fat treats and chewies. we keep pretty active (beach walks most days) so she's a healthy weight but still...

    anyway i picked this stuff up from pet smart on a whim a few weeks ago. i bought the in 10oz tub (with easily 150 pieces) and it comes in a few even bigger sizes. there's cheese and peanut butter flavors and they're basically just corn, rice, flavor and air. it took about a day for her to get used to them (different texture than the fatty treats) but now she LOVES them! you can feed 1-3 treats a day for every 10lbs of body weight....for a medium sized dog (60lbs) like lil we don't even come close to that many!

    two thumbs up from me! :tup: i'm sure i'm not the only one with an over-treating disorder so i thought i'd share.

    pupcorn at petsmart
  2. I wish they had cute treats like this for cats! I can only ever find fish based treats :yes:
  3. yum, lol! I also want a cat version hehe
  4. i don't have a cat anymore so i haven't tried them....but these look similar to the pupcorn. also have you guys tried the greenies cat treats? they come in beef and chicken flavor in addition to the standard fishie flavors....they're also little healthier than standard treat things and clean teeth too. they're a tiny bit spendy, but when we had kitties they used to love them. greenies free sample
  5. I tried giving these to my Chi and due to the texture, it got stuck to the roof of his mouth and he started gagging :sad: Needless to say, I stopped with these treats! My parents dogs LOVE these though!!
  6. My trainer recommended the pupcorn..but my baby isn't all that into treats....she doesn't know what to do with it.