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  1. Does anyone else love this show ?

    Which was your favourite episode?
  2. oh i love that show! hmm i'm not sure what my favorite is, they're all good!! i'll try to remember lol
  3. We love Punk'd! The one with Shaq is hilarious when he starts chasing the guy thru the parking lot! That is one man I would NOT want to make mad!

    When Venus and Serena Williams were punk'd (not at the same time), they were very funny because they're both so calm and laid back. They don't freak out like many celebs who get punk'd.

    The Ying Yang Twins were hiliarious! I LOVE when they punk'd The Rock. I felt bad for Ashlee Simpson when they punk'd her - she started crying. I'm sure there are more.......just love that show! :smile:
  4. I love Punk'd! My fav episode was the one with Wilmer from that 70s show.
  5. i dont mind it but have not seen that many episonds.
  6. punk'd is so great. i don't really have a favorite though...the one with hilary duff and the driving school was pretty good. or when mandy moore broke someone's trailer. :smile:
  7. I love the episode when they made Justin Timberlake cried because they tried to repossess all his stuff due to some tax reason.
  8. Great show, I wish I could catch it more often! I cant even remember what my fav was, they are all great :biggrin:
  9. i liked the show..eventhough sometimes it's immature or lame tricks but it shows the stars' true colors..
  10. I've only caught a few episodes. The ones I saw were quite funny. I especially liked the one with Justin Timberlake.
  11. i like the salma hayek n penelope episode, that was disgusting n hillarious at d same time ^^;
  12. lol, I saw the one where they punk'd The Rock. He was pissed, I thought he was going to kill someone.
  13. The Justin Timberlake one was the best! The poor guy was practically crying!
  14. haha that's my favorite one too!!:lol:
  15. That show always makes me laugh.... I haven't seen one in awhile and I don't really remember which one I like best.

    But I rented JUST FRIENDS last week, "that scene" made me laugh so hard!!! "OMG.... Ashton?!"

    Watch it, you'll understand. The supporting actress (the singer) was awesome! giggle giggle!