Punkd Chanel

  1. Did anyone else see Ashton Kutcher blow up Nelly Furtado's Chanel bag on punk'd? She looked devasted! I would be too!! It was a black bowler.....
  2. :wtf:
  3. Yup, I saw that! She was very calm and handled the situation in a classy way. I like Nelly Furtado even more now.

    I saw one Punk'd episode where Missy Elliot stood on a chair and threatened to smash the glass jewelry case with her foot if the store didn't return her stuff. :yucky:
  4. yes i saw it...
    it was too funny
    how they had it on those grips..
  5. It was so funny!!!! I'd die but i was almost pissing my pants watching it
  6. Ya I saw that. Omg, even though it a was a prank, (i guess she didnt no it @ first) I felt so bad for her. She was like trying to tell him the bag was hers with like this worried look on her face, but the guy was just like cutting her off. Im soo glad she got her bag back.
  7. Never saw the episode but I can just imagine!
  8. It's on Youtube... that's where I saw it.
  9. She's so funny! I like her even more now, I think she held herself well.:smile:
  10. I missed it but have to see this lol! I have to go find it on YouTube!
  11. I just saw it on youtube. Don't kill me but its wasnt that funny to me.

    She didnt really react at all:shrugs:
  12. I think it was kind of mean, though. She looked like she was gonna start crying. I wouldve been the same way.
  13. It wasn't the bowler though. It was the flap.
  14. i know i cant believe they dirtied that chanel up like that...
  15. whoa.... I haven't seen that?? Can anyone post some pics with that???