"Punk" reissue

  1. Chanel 1.JPG Chanel 2.JPG Chanel Punk clutch.JPG
  2. I saw that bag at the trunk show!!! I LOVED it! I WANTED it but then I saw the price tag... :wtf: It just cost soooooooo much $$$$! :sad: Thanks for posting pics Cosmopolitan! It is a beauty!!
  3. I love them, but those are too expensive.....
  4. what kind material is the hand bag(pic #2)?thanks.:smile:
    wish the pic is more detail like the last one. Thanks so much for the info.:smile:
  5. I LOVE this bag, but I'm also :wtf: about the price.
  6. The clutch is $2,950. :wtf: So how much is the reissue????

    Fyi, they are lambskin.
  7. this is really really pretty, but too pricy !!!!! i love those little CC logos here and there !
  8. How expensive are they? :confused1:
  9. beautiful purses.
  10. wow- the reissue is beautiful!
  11. hot hot hot
  12. Ooh I like that one much better than that clutch.
  13. they're darling! hate the price though.

    thanks for sharing the pics
  14. They were mid to high $4,000.
  15. I love it, but for $4000, yikes!