Puncture on Pocket/Creed??

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  1. I have seen several coach bags on ebay lately that have puncture marks on the pocket or creed it says to prevent store returns.. does anyone know, does coach do this, or the people, or why it is? Is there any reason why? Thanks, just curious, it seems to ruin a good bag!! :confused1:
  2. What do you mean "puncture marks"? Are you talking about the stamps in the leather like the outlet target, or FS, or the other ones? Or an actual hole in the leather creed and pocket?
  3. Actual holes.. the all describe them as puncture marks.. I will try to find a pic of one.. it is weird
  4. I think Nordies uses something to indicate the bag was returned to them and their handbag repair person fixed it. I can't remember what they do, but I know it is something unusual.
  5. There are two things going on here there is the black rectangular marking on the inside of the pocket . . .


    and two punched holes on the patch. I have also read listings where there is a sku number written on the inside of the pocket to prevent store return.
  6. wow weird ive never seen holes like that before,,,,curious,,,
  7. someone on here was talking about a little round rivet type thing that was in there from nordstroms or other department stores to prevent returns, so maybe the seller removed it
  8. Katrynar, that was what I was thinking - rivets at Nordies. The outlet used the SKU in the bag when I got a Legacy in Jan. Meant Final Sale. Maybe they couldn't find their FS punch?
  9. Hmm.. okay the Nordstrom thing makes sense.. and I have seen the sku thing too, and didn't know who wrote that in.. so do any of you know, if someone buys a bag with a sku written in it or puncture marks, and it breaks or needs repair, will coach repair it, or is the warranty void as well?? :confused1:
  10. Wow i never seen those o.o
  11. Wow thats just... wow I mean why cant sellers just use the tags that other sellers use to prevent returns of different bags or bags that were used :confused1:


    I :love: Fruits Basket:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. I'm not sure Coach would repair the bag because those things (puncture marks, sku's) indicate it that it was a final sale. But there's no telling.....
  13. Yeah.. makes sense, just curious.. I don't think I would buy a bag with the puncture marks, that would just really bother me :Push: but I just wondered, and especially with the sku.. I guess I must have weird luck because so many of you say you have never seen it and I have seen these like 5-6 times already!! Thanks for the info