Punch Sig Stripe Tote

  1. I saw 1 Sig Stripe Tote in Punch as I was walking through the Macy's in Concord, CA today. I know many people have wanted that bag. My guess is they could do a charge send if you really want it.

    They also had several whiskey Mandy's, which surprised me too!
  2. I have been dying for the Sig Stripe Punch Tote!:nuts: :cursing:You are very lucky!
  3. Oh, I'm not buying it, I mentioned it in case someone who's been looking for one wanted to call that particular Macy's to buy it. :tup:
  4. Oh! LOL...I thought you bought it...I'll look up the number!
  5. Darn, too bad I'm :banned: Ugh. I have the wristlet & skinny. lol.