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  1. Sooooooo I m a shopaholic yes i know! Lookie at my stuff!!!!

    Punch 4x7 agenda, Raspberry makeup bag, Magenta Jilly flats... and I cant remember if i posted my punch/orange legacy wallet!!:yahoo: can you tell i love pink??


  2. I LOVE it all!!! Pink is so fab isn't it!!!!! I want to see modeling pics!!!!
  3. and me too.. model pics pretty please??
  4. maybe tomorrow :graucho: the jillys are super duper comfy!
  5. Don't they only come in full sizes, not half? I think that's what I remember, anyway...
  6. Everything's gorgeous! I especially love the agenda!
  7. I really want the flats!!
  8. yeah they come in full sizes but its ok! coach never makes a 10.5 but it would have fit me if they did! i m always between a 10 and an 11 :sad:
  9. so did you size up or down on the flats??? :smile: I kinda want the brown w/lurex Jillys that Nordstrom has ;)
  10. Nice buys! Congrats :smile:
  11. I had to get an 11.. the 10 fit fine but just to be safe i got the 11 since it s not easy to slip it off
  12. love the pinks stuff! i just got the jilly flats in gold from Nordstrom in a 7.5 ... so the ones in Nordstrom do come in half sizes...just thought i'd let u guys know
  13. wow that is nuts
  14. Do you know if they have any lurex makeup cases left anywhere ???
    THAT IS TO DIE FOR !!! :drool:
  15. they are going to be being sent to the outlets