Punch Patent Ergo - I wish I understood Japanese!

  1. All right, so I was playing on the Coach Japan website, and I saw something that looked like a chocolate brown patent Ergo tote. When I changed the color, the little color dot below the description looked like pink, but the bag looked red. So...I am wondering if that is the Punch Patent bag that I read about on here this weekend, or if it's the red patent that's been out for several months.

    I am so excited about the thought of punch patent bags and accesories that I can't stand it!!! :yahoo:

    What do you think?

  2. I know the color does kind of look strang on their sight but it will be so beautiful in person. I absolutely adore the patent and punch but I just cant seem to learn to like any of the patent ergos.:shame:
  3. The dot does look pink, but it says red.
  4. I hope you are right about the color. I am a little worried about the style too. The only Coach bag that I ever returned was an Ergo bag that was slouchy and soft in the store, but when they had to order the color that I wanted, the leather was stiff and unslouchy. I am excited about this bag though!
  5. Kimmie! i didn't like them either til I carried one around for awhile :smile:
  6. Maya, we were posting at the same time. Do you understand Japanese, and that says "red"? Thanks in advance - :smile:
  7. I'm going to assume this was directed at my post... It definitely says red.

  8. Heya Candace!
    I guess I'm just weird. I absolutely love, ergos, patent and especially pink. They feel super comfy too......but for some reason I just cant get into the all together look of the bag. I know Im a dork!!:upsidedown:
  9. Yes. I'm half Japanese, from Japan, Japanese was my first language (although people are shocked when they find out after speaking to me), and can read hiragana and katakana (unfortunately not kanji - too hard!!).
  10. This may sound like a ditzy question, but is there a translation for the color punch in Japanese? Thanks again Maya......
  11. No, there isn't... but they'd just write it out in katakana, the way they did with red on the website. Red is "aka" in Japanese, but the website says "reddo" which is supposed to be "red."

  12. LOL...kimmie you aren't a dork...well...if you're a dork then I am a dork too...
    I used to not really like patent leather at all, I dunno why. Then when some celebs started carrying around HUGE totes made out of patent I started thinking hmmmm....for some reason, something that shiny and special looks way cooler in a large, giant, slouchy shape. I was kind of nervous about my black patent ergo at first because it was the first patent thing I owned other than my black patent shoes that we wear with our Class A uniform. But I said SCREW IT and started using it and it is now really fun!!!! But I think that is because it is a large hobo and it's black, not a bright color...those aren't for me with that material.
    I love pink but I am not sure that I would be able to handle a pink patent item. I definitely want a pink leather hobo, though. I think THAT, I could deal with just fine!!!! :smile:

    The one nice thing about patent is that it is really easy to keep clean! LOL!!!! :roflmfao:
  13. If there were a pink patent ergo, it would be mine.
  14. If there was a pink patent.. I'd totally be all over it!! XD
  15. The dot looks pink but that bag looks exactly like my red patent Ergo. Maybe we could petition for a pink? :love: