Punch Mini Skinny And Beauty Case Is Here!

  1. My beauty case and mini skinny in punch just arrived! They are sooo beautiful! Kallison, thanks for posting pics of yours! This is such a fabulous color! I'm going to go take pics to share now.... brb! :yahoo:
  2. Can't wait for pics - I don't even like the signature stripe all that much but thought kallison's pouch was just adorable! Congrats!
  3. OK, here are pics! I hope they're good cuz this is the most gorgeous color! I didn't like the signature stuff either until I saw Kallison's! Such a good enabler, she is!
    teena's handbags 001.jpg teena's handbags 002.jpg
  4. What the heck! Here's one more! :love:
    teena's handbags 004.jpg
  5. It is a beautiful colour, lucky gal!! I want the beauty case soooo bad..
  6. Everything is sooo cute! Enablers - up, up and AWAY . . .
  7. Oh great....now I want them too. Its such a beautiful color!
  8. ooh interesting color, i like!!
  9. OMG I'm going gaga for the punch. I love the beauty case!! Congrats & Thanks for sharing your fabulous goodies w/ all of us.
  10. Those are so cute!
  11. Oh wow it is totally gorgeous!! The punch looks amazing!
  12. I love the punch, I got the wristlet but now I think I am going to have to get the skinny too.
  13. I actually was just looking at this color the other night - sooo unexpectedly pretty!

  14. I love the color!!
  15. beautiful color!! im so inlove with that color mini skinny, I want one soo bad right now, ill have to pick one up!
    CONGRATS and thanks for the pictures!