Punch medium tote Guccissima leather

  1. Does anyone have this bag? The leather looks really "hard", it looks like it will be uncomfortable to wear it on your shoulder....if you have this bag or you tried it on before, please tell me what you think, thanks!!

    Here's a picture:
  2. I love this bag! Unfortunately I don't own it, but I did try it on. The bag is definitely very structured, but the leather is certainly not hard, the straps are around the same width as the Abbey shoulder, so it's very comfortable on the shoulder. Get it - it's a beautiful bag! At such a great price too!
  3. I've seen it at Gucci the other day, didnt try it on (not my kind of bag) although, my mom did tried it on, I thought it look kinda stiff..

  4. Thanks ladies! Yea I thought it does look a lil stiff...I was gonna get it for my mother but she's a bit picky, so maybe I should get her something else...