Punch Leather Agenda - FYI

  1. I wanted to post this in another thread because those of you asking about punch might not see it. On pg 48 of the new catalogue, the photo with the tall khaki signature tote (gigi) there is an agenda. The catalogue says the agenda comes in black or punch. item 60166. It's the one sticking out of the pocket on the tote - 3X5 size.
  2. is it the punch with the white trim?

    those were at my boutique today!
  3. It doesn't show the punch so I have no idea.
  4. aw, right after i buy a lv agenda...darn my luck.
  5. Yeah, I just got a black agenda at the outlet. I saw the agenda when the new catalog was posted and was seriously bummed! It's so cute though! LOL!
  6. It actually shows a pic of the punch agenda on page 56!

  7. Thanks for posting that. See how much you can miss? The Carryall was one of my "definitely No" so I missed it.
  8. ^^Well, there is just so much to look at!^^:graucho:

    It seems like I find something new everytime I pick up the catalog!:wtf:
  9. holy!!! I am so getting that :smile: i am a big fan on the 3X5 ones :smile: FALL PCE :smile: THAT AGENDA IS MINE! ;) hehe
  10. That agenda is really cute! Thanks for posting the pic. Does it look as nice in real life as it does in the picture
  11. Ooooooh, Punch LEATHER with a TURNLOCK in the small size!!!! I think this might be the perfect agenda. I wonder if the pen is pink too.
  12. ladies what do you think i am about to buy this,,, SHOULD I :smile: i cant decide i really love it, i have a 3X5 one already but its just a plain light pink leather one from the outlets and this one looks so fantastic! :smile:

    enable me guys~~~~ WHAT DO I DO :smile: ?~