Punch is back?

  1. I saw some very cute flats at Dillards for $138. They had a pink bow and a stripe that was punch? There was also C's on them. Is punch back? That's awesome if it is! :yahoo:
  2. Thats new news to me but that would be great if it came back. I have the punch sig. stripe tote and just love it! Its a great color.
  3. Those are really the only Punch signature stripe item left-- though I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more in Spring! They're gorgeous aren't they?
  4. Looove the punch! I have the punch sig stripe wristlet but waited too long for the tote.:sad:

    Would love to see it again!
  5. Very cute! If punch comes back in spring that would be great. I wish they'd make the larger size tote in it, that's the only reason I returned the smaller one.