1. I bought my first pair of pumps by Steve Madden. I've worn high heel boots but these are just killing me. I hope all it is is just for me to break them in. Are there ways to make them more comfortable or is it just grin and bare it. :sad2:
  2. Did you try putting soles in them?
  3. i was going to suggest the same thing, the commercials may be awful, but those gel insoles work nicely.
  4. Try Foot Petals....you can get them from Nordstroms. I have a few of them in my shoes, and they work nicely.

    I think their website is www.footpetals.com.
  5. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I'll for sure try these.
  6. If they pinch you can also get them stretched - either get a shoe stretcher or go to the shoe repair store. And try those insoles the others suggested :biggrin:
  7. It's not so much they pinch more like my feet r not used to being squished into such pointy shoes :weird: but I told myself one day i'll get a pair of pointy pumps. I'm not sure if they r even in style anymore but regardless i'm still going to wear them.
  8. ^^^It doesn't matter if they're in style or not, as long as they look good.
  9. You are right about that. Well they do look good not with the pants I'm wearing today though :lol:
  10. Yea! I LOVE pointy pumps, they've been saying that they're going to go out of style for a couple of years now, and yet they're still everywhere. Even when I decided I wanna start venturing into round toe pumps, they seem harder to find.. but regardless, wear it if you love it :biggrin:
  11. i always think my gfs look so good in pointy pumps, they seem to lend an air of sophistication...but i have never been a fan of them for myself b/c they are really uncomfy! i choose open toes and wedges for shoes! but insoles really help.
  12. I hope your feet feel better
  13. Yeah but what do you do with heels that cut into the back or your ankles?
  14. i was going to suggest insoles or to have them streched but it was already suggested. i do however recommend not wearing them if they really hurt your feet. you don't want to get calluses, bunions etc.
    i do hope you can find a way to make them more comfortable.and hope your feet feel better
  15. Try beaking them in by wearing them around the house for an hour or so each day, then they will be a bit softer & you will get used to them before wearing them "in public" for en entire day. New shoes can kill your feet...