Pumps to stand in ALL night long??

  1. Hi Ladies,
    So, this summer I'm going to be a flight attendant and I need to find shoes that fit the grooming standards and that also look good! Here are the reqs:

    1. black closed leather pumps
    2. no adornment/bows/accessories
    3. upto 3 inches (no higher)
    4. comfortable!

    any suggestions?? i know there are quite a few F/As onboard here....

    TIA :smile:
  2. My recommendation is for Salvatore Ferragamo's. Personally, I think his shoes are some of the most comfortable and durable shoes I own.
  3. really? i find his shoes too narrow....perhaps that says something about my feet?! although i never really have trouble w/ shoes EXCEPT for SF. hmm...but i will give them another go.

  4. Via Spiga! affordable and really comfy in my opinion, and cute of course!
  5. I would recommend the Spicy pumps from Chinese Laundry or the Sensual from Stuart Weitzman. Both are very cute classic pumps that really are quite comfy.

    Good Luck
  6. really? I hate Stuart Weitzman. I have two pairs from them, I feel like being tortured wearign their shoes.
  7. You don't need to wear pumps ("boarding shoes") all night long, only when you're walking through the terminal and while you're boarding passengers.

    After takeoff and before landing you can change into flat work shoes ("galley shoes"). I have never seen a flight attendant wear pumps during service, don't forget your feet swell at 35,000 feet in the air, not to mention you will do tons of walking.
  8. thanks for that! i'm just wondering what i signed myself up for! but still hopeful that the summer will be FUn... :smile: any reccs for galley service shoes?

  9. Cole Haan has a bunch of shoes with Nike Air technology, they make pumps and flats. You might want to look into that brand to see if they work for you :smile:
  10. Oh! And Congratulations Karmita.. I've always harbored a secret fantasy to be a flight attendant, hahahha,
  11. This thread is awesome! I was looking for comfy pumps to wear in general and this thread has awesome suggests, especially the Cole Haan Nike technology shoes suggested by Lyn.

    I love this forum :love:
  13. Any plain flats will do, some girls wear Rockports, a lot wear ballet flats too, don't spend too much money on them because you will be constantly spilling things on them! I just get mine from outlets, Aldo, wherever! :smile:
  14. CL Miss Tick pumps hands down. I wear mine everyday, all day and they are the most comfortable shoes ever!