Pumps - Jimmy Choo or Gianvito Rossi

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  1. Hi,
    I have a nude basic 85mm pumps from JC that I wear to work in size 40 and it’s quite comfortable but does have 1 pressure point at the back of my foot behind ankle. I do last a full day of walking but find can’t last 3 days in a row at work. Like my feet need a rest from the same shape.

    Now, I am looking for a black pumps for work also. Should I consider one from gianvito rossi 85mm or maybe stick to JC?

    And should I go for patent or just leather? What do you guys prefers?!
    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. I have quite a few pumps from both brands and find Choos more comfortable. GR runs smaller in sizes though, so don't look at the sizing when you are trying them on.

    In terms of what material you should go for, it really depends on your needs, preferences and climate. I live in the Nordics so I my pumps rarely get to see the world outside my office. Maybe it's just me, but patent is more of a fall/winter material?
  3. I find GR the most comfortable pump
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  4. I wear both JC and GR at work. JCs are quite comfortable once worn but GR are the best. I can walk around in them the whole day without any pain or discomfort. I have a black pair of GRs that I am wearing constantly.
  5. I own both JC and GR both in 85mm height in different materials. GR has more comfortable leather insoles and cushioning to support the feet. My GR 85 shoes don't ever rub or inflame my feet at all. I recommend you give GR a try :smile:
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  6. Hi Ladies,
    I find JC quite comfortable but I dont own any GR, if sizing wise do I need to go up a sizes? or GR runs TTS??