Pumpkin Orange City!!

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  1. How much r u willing to spend for a like new pumpkin orange city bag...is it considered as rare/collectible colors?
  2. the color is too "not neutral" for me.....but i hope others will be able to answer ur question :smile:
  3. I would say around retail would be a good deal...so like $1100. It really depends on how much you love it and if the seller needs to sell or just would consider selling for the right price. Personally I could see myself paying up 50% over retail if passing on it would haunt me way more than the money could.
  4. For my 04/05 bags, I went a few hundred over retail. I would think it would be difficult to find an 04 in good condition for around retail for less.

    I even went over retail for a 05 bag that was less in steller condition. I guess it depends on how much you desire the bag and how often you see on pop up for sale.
  5. Would pay a pemium for an pumpkin orange its so rare! :yes:
  6. I think it all depends on it's condition and especially if the handles are in good shape (not dark :throwup: ).
    I think the most I would be willing to pay for a bag in great condition would be around $1300/1400.

  7. Fo sho sabster! Depending, of course on the condition of the bag. Pumpkin is one of my all time wants (that and eggplant, of course!)
  8. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new pumkin city!!