Pumpkin First BIN GB695 or BO

  1. It's gone. Did a PFer get it? It's so beautiful and pristine! :drool:
  2. I hope so! When I saw this bag was relisted, I couldn't resist, I had to put an offer on it. Although there are some bags out there that I would consider giving my arm for, I have set a limit of paying no more than $1200 for a First, so I don't go overboard trying to acquire bags on my want list...BUT I STILL HAD THE HIGHER BID ON THIS BAG!!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: The only reason I can think that I lost is because the person that won was from the same country, because my feedback rating is fine. Oh well, I guess I should look at this positively...I'll have more money that I can spend for Xmas gifts.
  3. Aw Amber. It's nice, but don't worry there will be even nicer ones coming I'm sure!
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