"pumpkin" colour?

  1. Search function is still down, and there do not appear to be any "pumpkin" orange bags in the reference thread.

    SA has told me of a picotin available in pumpkin - NOT potiron. Does anyone know what this colour looks like?? Can you share photos?
  2. well, as far as I know, potiron has always been pumpkin here. Anyone have word on a new color? I don't remember any swatches posted in the orange family in the new colors coming.
  3. - really? The sample I saw seemed a little more muted, almost dusty. Not bright and vibrant (like some of the photos in the reference thread).
  4. ^^ ok, I just went on eBay and at least one seller is referring to "potiron (pumpkin)"... does anyone have a picture of the different oranges?

  5. I am officially an idiot. Potiron literally *is* pumpkin (I always thought it was citrouille... I actually went to a french school).

    Is potiron the signature orange colour for H - or is that another orange? Any photos would be appreciated.

    I am going to stop talking to myself now.
  6. LOL...
    The signature H orange is bright, and potiron is more muted/has more brown in it.
  7. From the reference section, posted by bags-conscious--potiron clemence
    And from H_addict, orange...
    Sometimes it is a little hard to tell the difference based on lighting, different leathers...
    classic.JPG Orange%20Kelly%2032cm.jpg
  8. You're cute and funny... I am sick but you made my day...lol
  9. Very helpful!! Thank you! - I actually think I am more of a potiron person after all. I am drawn to earthy tones and tend to avoid truly bright colours.

    Luxurylife88: hope you feel better soon - and glad to be of service!

  10. Either would look great on you but I agree, the potiron, definitely...
  11. Here's a good close up of my potiron Web II Bolide. It actually is a fairly neutral color compared to the bright H orange we all know and love.

  12. Prada Psycho - thanks for the photo. I am actually hunting for a neutral colour, and the more I am seeing, the more clear it is to me that potiron is the way to go. (Now that I've said this, I *hope* my SA comes through - both etoupe and "pumpkin" were available at another store, and she was trying to bring them in for me...)
  13. Go for the potiron! Etoupe is great but it is a "cool" neutral...I see you more with colors like gold, noisette, havane...warm neutrals...
    Potiron is great because it can function as both a neutral and a color, IMO (sort of like raisin serves both functions for me).
  14. Piaffe, I'm biased, obviously, but given a choice between potiron and etoupe, I'd still want potiron. Have you seen the etoupe IRL? It's almost a cement gray color (no offense to anyone that has this color, just my take on it). It's all a matter of your comfort level with colors vs. neutrals though.
  15. I have seen etoupe - actually a swift lindy with gold HW. Although, as Pepper says, it is often shown as a "cool" neutral (I think 95% of the etoupe I've seen on tPF is PHW!), I do think it is a bit of a chameleon neutral. The GHW really brought out some brown - thought this may have been driven by the leather. Swift seems to really bring out depths. I KWYM about the "cement" greyishness - with PHW, and certain lights, it has seemed completely cool and grey!

    All in all, there is definitely a place in my heart for etoupe! :yes:

    - However, I think for the picotin, the potiron would be GREAT (esp. as I want it for a casual "momming around" bag - why not be fun?) for me.

    I also agree with Pepper on the colour neutral front. Raisin and vert olive top my list of future neutrals that must be owned! (...and maybe vert anis, while I'm at it!)