Pumpkin and Skull Keychain...

  1. OK, so I know I've probably asked this already:Push: , but since its getting close to October, I thought I would see if anyone has any updates. People have been mentioning the upcoming pumpkin and skull keychain, but does anyone have any pictures of it? I called 866 Vuitton today and found out it will be released Oct. 1, but I'm not sure if a pumpkin and skull are really worth $240. I did see pictures of it in the lookbook, but the pictures were so terrible I couldn't really tell WHAT it was:shrugs: . If anybody has any further info/images they could provide, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!:upsidedown:
  2. Oh Yeah I would love to see these as well!
  3. i didn't know such a thing existed. halloween is my favorite holiday- and i love skulls & pumpkins- wierd, i know, but this keychain sounds like halloween heaven!
  4. Same here!
  5. ITA YEppers! I WANT ONE!

  6. I so totally agree with you! I :heart: Halloween, and would love this keychain, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much for a keychain when I could have the red leopard sprouse scarf for the same amount.
  7. I've seen the pictures from the store this afternoon but it's kinda blurry..I am not so sure they are worth $240
  8. It's nothing like hermes one..it's more like Christmas decoration..
  9. It sounds awesome to me too!!! OMG I wanna see it. I hadn't heard about it before.
  10. I saw them in the look book but the pics were so blurry! eck!
  11. Anyone have any pics of it? Sounds cute.

  12. I know..It's a joke..I think they should have better pics...
  13. yah...all the pics in the lookbook were blurry!

  14. LOL.. I told SA this afternoon "I guess it's cute but I can't really see it that well" whe he showed me the pics.:lol:
  15. Hmmmm...I guess it seems like everyone had the same experience I did with trying to see them in the lookbook. Well...I guess we'll just have to wait and see!! I think I'm going to call Vuitton tomorrow and just put my name down for them, just in case I see them and fall in love!! (BUT...I have a feeling they won't look like they're worth $240)