Pumping & Feeding Son??

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  1. I was wondering if anyone pumps and feeding baby food. The little man is going to start foods next month but I'm going to start pumping once a little tooth appears. He definately is going to be a biter. He gums me now hard. Could you give me an ideal of a schedule to pump so he can have suffient nutrients. ???
  2. Why not just teach him not to bite? It only takes a time or two and they get the drift. With both of my boys, the first time they bit me, I thumped their cheek and said "NO!" in a stern voice. That was all it took. When they start getting teeth they sort of have to 're-learn' how to nurse. A lot of people make a big deal out of nursing once the baby's teeth start coming in, but truly, it's not a big deal at all.
  3. My DS has 3 teeth, is working on his 4th, and he's bitten me twice, and he's almost 6 months. It hurts, but he knows enough not to bite, but suck. I can't pump, it hurts too bad, but if you were to pump, I'd pump as much as if you were feeding him.
  4. My daughter bit me a couple of times, but I just corrected her by removing her from the breast and telling her "no biting". She stopped biting and I was able to keep nursing until she was 20 months old.
  5. My DS has bitten me quite a few times while he was teething. When he did bite me, I would simply take him off and put him down for a minute or two. That really ticked him off and eventually he learned not to bite anymore. I'm still BF-ing a couple times a day, strangely it is the only thing that will cheer him when he is waking up grumpy from his nap. He now has four teeth on the top, and two on the bottom and he hasn't bitten me since.
  6. my son only bit me once but really really bad. it was my fault, because I was playing with him and he was already quite wild. I should have calmed him down first and then let him feed. it never happened again. btw, he also gummed hard.