Pump question for perfume/make-up

  1. I have had this happen several times and most recently to a bottle of Prada fragrance. The pump/sprayer gets stuck. It still is half-full. the top won't come off. How do you fix it?

    This also happened to my Dior Make-Up six months ago, when the top fell off when I dropped it.
  2. Run the top with hot tap water..its probably clogged...
  3. Thanks Jill. I should have just emailed you the question. What about the one where the top fell off.
  4. Also-When they clog.I sometimes use a fine tipped needle to scrape the cloggage off if the Hot water doesnt do the trick...As for falling off..It wont go back on?Clean it really good first..if its broke.I would take it back for a replacement
  5. I will try the needle. The hot water didn't help at all. Looks like there are air bubbles in there. Thanks again.