Pump Problem

  1. I was just wondering how many of you have problems with your strapless pumps flipping OFF when you are walking. There are so many cute styles but I never buy any without a strap anymore because they flip off when I walk and I nearly faceplant into the concrete. I know the obvious solution is buy smaller shoes right? Well I do, I buy them TIGHT at the store, usually a size smaller, and even put in one of the no slide heal things, but sure enough when I am walking (and I do walk alot) they will still slip or flip off. :cursing: Anyone else have this problem or found a solution?
  2. You mean mules with no back or strap? If they are high enough heels, they shouldn't slip off. I don't know about flats though.
  3. I have very narrow feet and all of my pumps slip off. Heel grips work for me. Try doubling up your heel grips if one doesn't work.
  4. I can't wear slingbacks for that reason. It kills me because I love the way that they look! Maybe your foot is narrow in front?
  5. Try a half insole under the ball of your foot - it will lift your foot back to where it should be, so that the heel fits snugly. Clip a wedge out of the toe area if you need more toe room. Much better than the heel grips, which just push your foot forward.
  6. Yeah I see that with alot of slingbacks. I only buy ones with an adjustable buckle, so I can poke extra holes and tighten it when the leather stretches out.
  7. I always have that because my feet are to narrow, the last time I bought some heel stickers but they did not work so I filled them up with paper in de front en back (that did not work either)
  8. Glamourous Girl, i have the EXACT same problem. it is SO annoying. :cursing:

    i recently bought a cute pair of dark grey patent leather stacked peep toe pumps from nine west, which were SOOO cute but i took one little trip in them down to the corner store and had to walk like an idiot/duck because my heels kept slipping out. i've tried putting those little pad things that look like bandages at the back of my shoes but it doesnt really help.

    i think that the problem is the back of the shoe isn't quite long enough. i think if it were half a centimetre, or even a few millimetres longer, then it might be ok....so now i'm just gonna stop buying shoes that are too short in the back, no matter how cute. riiiiight...

    so i had to return those cute pumps...but it worked out because i got really cute peep toe slingbacks instead!! :wlae:
  9. also i think the steepness of the shoe has something to do with it as well
  10. most likely too big for you, you need to use heel gripes( they go around the back of the shoe and are snug around the back of your foot) and that will stop your foot from popping out of the back while you walk.
  11. I have to do the same thing with some of my pumps because one foot is almost a half size smaller than the other. Depending on the store I ask for them or buy some foot petals to place at the ball fo the foot. As long as it's not more than half a size difference it seems to work.