Pulse's Vacanze list.

  1. I got an email from Casey that they will be getting the following bags in the Vacanze:
    buon viaggio
    ciao ciao
  2. boohoo, no MM or caramella..
  3. ooh..already? does anyone have the swatches for it ? I want to see a pic :biggrin:
  4. thanks!
    did she say when will they get the bags? they usually get them a lil earlier tho...
  5. No, I didn't ask. I think that what is state on their website for release dates are what it is.
  6. *sigh* i wanted a MM... I pre-ordered for a Gioco.. not to sure of the other styles.
  7. this print should better be awesome since it's the last one.. gotta close up STRONG! haha

    i think i'm going to take my chances at whatever shows up in stores.. since i don't know what the print looks like or anything i don't think i'd be able to pick yet.. :O
  8. well for me i want to see how it looks before deciding to get one :p

    can you imagine if the collaboration ended in familigia??? :lol: i know i cant :lol:
  9. ^LOL that would be horrible! bad ending!
  10. I definitely want to SEE a swatch or photo of the print before I pre-order... At the same time, I don't know how I'd feel about carrying around a snow-themed bag in a place that doesn't ever snow. *lol*

    On a side note, I got my Coach denim large Carly!!
  11. haha i agree it sure dont snow here either!! maybe its good for christmas season lol?

    congrats!!! on your carly!
  12. Thanks!! I won it on e-bay for $100 less than the retail price, which means like $200+ less than Hawaii retail!! It was funny because I forgot all about the auction ending soon after I got off work and I stupidly went shopping. So I called my brother and was like, "Can you go into my account and bid for me?" *lol* And my brother doesn't do e-bay so he didn't know what to do but after walking him through it I ended up winning it! I already have the perfect brown leather Coach wallet to match too. Hehe.

    I don't know if I'd want to buy a bag just to wear during the Christmas season... Hmmm... I just really have to see it first!! Maybe there's a part of the print that isn't so "Christmas-y" that I could get. I wonder if there will be various holidays included besides Christmas, like Hannukah and Kwanzaa...??
  13. great deal!at least it save you a $100 to buy more tokis! :biggrin:

    Idk im totally curious to see the print first too..if its too "christmas-y" i probably wont get it :p
  14. i preordered the gioco n zucca..my fave style bags! gotta end with the styles that look best! i wanted adventuro too but they don't have =( i hope the print isn't too big!
  15. :wtf::shocked::wtf::shocked::wtf::shocked::wtf:

    Puls is taking pre orders already for Vacanze? How about Transporto? AHHH!