Pulse's expected delivery chart!

  1. Print Expected Delivery Famiglia 6/25-7/10 Tutti 7/25-8/10 Transporto 8/25-9/10 Vacanze (Last Print) 10/10-10/25

    I'm sure some of you have already seen this, but this way everyone knows!
  2. Are there any pics of these prints available? Thanks
  3. I didn't see that, thanks for posting :biggrin:
  4. WOO! Looks like my boyfriend and I will have safe bank accounts until the end of August.
  5. this way we all know when we'll be poor :smile:
  6. OMG, Vacanze will be out during my birthday. I know what's on my wishlist. Thank you as I had not seen the list. :smile:
  7. transporto comes out around my birthday and when I move to chicago grr, so not going to have the money!
  8. Riiiiiiiight, crap. I'm always poor.
  9. i wish i could say no more money spent on bags till august! i should really commit to that! i can wait for spiaggia to go on sale right?! no more bags from the past prints! n i know i'm gonna spend money on the moofia clothes collectiong coming in the summer! oh man
  10. :huh:o...vacanze is coming out around my birthday too! but i doubt i'll get it by the 12th of october =/ at least now i know my account will be ok til end of july xD
  11. Well that should help us a LITTLE with our budgeting!
  12. Yay thank you!! I hadn't seen the listing before either. I know I wasn't going to do any pre-orders but just out of curiosity, do you guys think Pulse will do pre-orders for all these prints?
  13. I wouldn't think they would do for all the prints just yet, but you never know :biggrin: You can email or call and ask lolz.
  14. ooo.. the final print will be out shortly after my bday! :biggrin: and i'm hoping i'll be able to pass up on famiglia easily.. so that means i can spend my $$$ on something else for awhile! LOL.
  15. I'm hoping the famiglia in real life is ugly so I won't need to buy it as well haha.