Pulse RULES!!!

  1. :yahoo:I ordered my Cucciolo Monday about 11:00 MT. It arrived at my doorstep about 1:45 today.

    It. Is. GORGEOUS!!!!! Absolutely positively GORGEOUS.

    It is also HUGE. I think maybe a campeggio would be a better fit for my laptop. (Note the justification for yet ANOTHER bag...) But this is a PERFECT tote bag for when I got to dog shows.

    I LOVE It!!

    (Pictures at some point when I stop being lazy and charge the batteries...)
  2. I completely agree that Pulse rules! I placed an order today and because my stupid bank hasn't finished processing my deposit, my debit card was declined. So Casey is holding my bags for me until tomorrow when she can run it through again. Of course if they still haven't put the deposit in by then, and I miss my Adios with the Baby on the front, well, CNN might just be running the story of the woman who went Bank Ballistic over Tokidoki!!!!:nuts:
  3. pulse always delivers SUPER FAST! i love it! here in 2 days!
  4. I just ordered a bag today from Casey and after about 30 minutes, she called me back to make sure I had sent payment through paypal(wasn't showing a paypal email notification yet) because she wanted to mail it out today! I'm very impressed so far!
  5. Don't you love the business attitude of midwesterners?:yes: (Can you tell I'm a midwesterner?)
  6. Looks like their Toki page is down and you cant even view the bag pictures...
  7. There was a thread earlier today that listed what bag styles pulse had left in adios and pirata. Now I can't find it. Does anyone know if they have any pirata zuccas left?
  8. that means they're getting ready for amore no?!!!
  9. Nevermind I just checked pulse's website and seen the list there. I think that is where I saw the list earlier not on this forum. Unfortunately, they are out of zucca.
  10. Yep, I asked about the Zuccas this morning and she said she was out of that print. I got the last Pirata Scoula backpack!
  11. ahh man, you're gonan describe how beautiful it is to me then say..sorry no pics too lazy!! lol such a meanie

  12. If you ever need to discuss what a person who doesn't need the changing pad that comes with the Cucciolo could do with it....:graucho: ...let me know...
  13. has anyone ever tried ordering through email?? I have a phone phobia most of the time :sweatdrop: plus my mom doesn't want me using my minutes and we have no house phone so umm would that be possible? lol just wondering
  14. What print is it in? Maybe you could sell it? I have a toddler and would be interested in that....so I'm sure other mammas might be too....what a cool layout for changing diapers!:smile:
  15. I'm sure you could email her...they used to take orders via their website and so you didn't have to use the phone but not anymore. If you're really worried about it you can order from www.azaleaonline.com and use the code grechen10 for 10% off...you can place your order online for bags there! HTH!