Pulse Preorders

  1. Hey all! I preordered a Vacanze Gioco from Casey at Pulse, but I am thinking of cancelling the preorder. I just bought a new car that ended up being more a month than I thought it would be, plus I really have to have an iPod Touch when it comes out. So, is it a problem to cancel a preorder, or should I take up my mom's offer to purchase it for me as a Christmas present?
  2. Your mom's offer. :p
  3. hehe i want my vacanze gioco to be a christmas present because i don't think there's anything else i'd want..

    you can cancel it, but isn't the collection coming out in october? you never know if you might want it again & someone else takes your spot..
  4. i wish i had a mom like yours! my mom looks at my bags and just looks at me weird xDD she'd never buy me a toki
  5. I think she is thinking this would be an easy present and she wouldn't have to worry about trying to figure out what I would want! I have a few weeks to decide, but I am thinking I will take her up on the offer. I just pre-ordered my 16gb iPod Touch and bought a new car and am now officially broke! No more toki for me for a little while!

    (I am a techno-nerd but didn't want to try and get out of my Verizon contract, pay a huge fee and then pay huge fees with AT&T just to get an iPhone...and pay $700 for the phone!!!!)
  6. oooh def. take your mom's offer :biggrin:
  7. take your moms offer ;)
  8. Yeah, take your mom's offer. It's guaranteed to be something you know you'll want at least. So, do you have a porta for your new iPod Touch? :graucho:

    I too am a Techno-Nerd (as well as a Purse Addict). Two very expensive hobbies!!! I bought an iPhone, but I also had my cell service with AT&T already and my contract expired in March this year. I love it dearly, but I think the iPod Touch will be a cool substitute having Wi-Fi access and all. Not to mention 16gb hard drive as opposed to 8gb on the iPhone.
  9. Woooohooo iPhones! :tup: I got mine on Friday after the price drop and have been loving it.
  10. If my contract with Verizon wasn't over next year in July I would have switched over the AT&T because of the iPhone. But with the price of the phone originally and the almost $200 cancellation fee for Verizon, I was like...I'll wait. I really only wanted it for the iPod and Wi-Fi, so the iTouch seems like the best option for me! And no, I don't have a porta yet, but great idea!!!! Now, what print should I get...

    I think I will take my mom up on the offer. I don't "need" the bag, but I want it!
  11. My Trasporto Zucca from Pulse came today! I'm so happy with the placement, Casey is awesome. I have my bus on the front! WOO! :yahoo:

    I'll post pics later in the collections thread.

  12. I'd take you mom up on the offer. :tup:But you can definetly cancel your preorder with Pulse. Casey already has a waiting list for Vancanze incase people cancel orders and bags become available. I'm on the wait list for a Ciao and Denaro. So if you feel the need to cancel it, rest assured it will get purchased. :yes:

    I just got my Trasporto Ciao from Casey, it was one someone cancelled. I was on a waiting list for it too. I LOVE it it so very cute! And my Trasporto and Tutti denaros just arrived today from the LesportSac website. Their ok, not my perfect placements, but they are my first denaro's. I'm not sure if I'll keep them or not. I'll post pictures later in the collections thread too.