Pulse pre order question

  1. So, I am discovering that if there is a bag you really want you need to preorder it and the best place to preorder seems to be from Pulse.

    If i were to pre order a vancanaze from casey now does she charge my credit card now or does she wait until the bags are in? after looking through the AS caio thread i think I relly want a caio. I know those are harder to come by and was going to pre order one.

    Any help is great. and if anyone had casey's number or email I would really appreciate it.

  2. I'm not sure if we are allowed to post numbers? :shrugs: They use to have it on their website but I know their website has changed a lot lately it seems.

    I've heard that they don't charge your card until the shipment comes in.

    I must have had a rare occurence. I preordered a bag from pulse one time and I was charged at the time of my preorder which was a couple of months before the print came out.
  3. I preordered from Pulse the first time too specifically for Vacanze and she assured me that they don't charge the card until their shipment comes in.

  4. I preordered the vacanze from Pulse also. I did get an order confirmation with all my CC info, but I'm not sure it has been charged yet. I emailed their to their contact addy with subject, attn: Casey. FYI, the list of availables styles left didn't have ciao so i would email her, she's really helpful.
  5. Yeah, I talked to Casey at Pulse a few weeks ago and they were out of a lot of the Vacanze.

    As of Aug. 21st;

    Casey: I am still taking preorders for Vacanze, but alot of styles are sold out. The ciao and denaro are unforunatly. Are you interested in any other styles?

    Me: In Vacanze, do you have Zucca? Caramella? Buon Viaggio? Braccialetto? Curango? Bambinone?

    Casey: Out of the Vacanze that you asked about, I only have the canguro available.
  6. you can always tell her to put you on the waitlist to see if anyone cancels their order ^^ when i first pre-ordered my zucca, she was out, but someone cancelled and now i have a zucca waiting for me ^^ i can't wait!
  7. Thanks Lanhong, I just sent her an email. I'll keep my fingers crossed! I REALLY want a Vancanze Ciao & Denaro.
  8. in vacanze as of 2 days ago she has porta, bambino, stellina, gioco, cucciolo, scuola, ciao ciao.
  9. uh oh... i just preordered a zucca and gioco :3 iono which one i want so i told her to put me down for both T-T!

    anyways... as of today 9/27/07, Casey said she has...
  10. I'm down for a zucca, denaro, and dolce... but I'm not sure if I'll be getting all or any for that matter. I'm really broke but I may have money when it comes out in a little while so yes do get on that waitlist and u might get my bag ;)
  11. pulse is free shipping and no tax (for people in california) right?
  12. yupp!
  13. Wow free s/h and no tax! :biggrin: Awesome!!
  14. yay joy! because i was going to buy from metropark... but they charge you tax +___+!

  15. That was me ... I canceled my zucca pre-order. I'm glad the zucca's going to go to someone who loves it!! I had to cancel due to identity theft issues and stuff. Enjoy!