pulse?? how does it all go down?

  1. I want a tutti. I was going to wait til it comes out here in hawaii, but it won't be for a few more weeks and it's always $40 or over retail...
    Thinking about getting it on pulse. how does the whole ordering thing go:confused1:? I looked on there sight and there is no pictures. just wanted to know how the whole procedure goes.
  2. i haven't bought from there yet but i have preordered... i did that through emails. I think you're supposed to call them or email them. But I'm sure others will answer this better!! Lol. :smile:
  3. okay, you can call or email, but it will pobably be a mix of both.

    go to the website, and to their page for tokidoki, and create an account first, that way they have all your info so everything goes faster. then you email them to let them know what you're looking for, and give them and idea of what kind of print placement you want

    then casey or one of the SA's will call you or email you and they'll walk you through the bags they have and send you pics so you can pick which placement you want.

    we were all getting tax free, free shipping. i dk if that still works with shipments to Hawaii, but there's a good chance it does.

    they're really really helpful. if they sold older bags i'd buy ALL of my bags there.
  4. thanks happy toki && neeecole. that is very helpful. i think i'm going to order from them, but i have to wait til friday..payday! hopefully they will still have some left. hopefully they will have a bambione or ciao even a stellina.
  5. when i ordered casey said they had alot of ciao's so i'm sure you'll have alot to choose from
  6. ahhh I am so tempted to email Casey to see what they have left ... must resist ...
  7. Whats Casey's email addy?
  8. Thank you Toki Angel :sneaky: I just preordered something last night.

    I really wanted a caramella though :push:
  9. anytime sads_pup

    i emailed Casey yesterday ... thank goodness she didn't have what I wanted in stock ... I really must try harder to stick to my ban