Pulse got a new shipment of Amore

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  1. I got a call from Pulse that they got 4 huge boxes of Lamore in. So all the letters to LeSportsac must have worked. They got in Zuccas, Gicco, Carmellas & some others. SO call now!!

  2. :yahoo: That's awesome!!! Are you getting something from them? :graucho:
  3. O___o I want a caramella!
  4. Hey Jess...didn't u want a zucca :graucho:
  5. I just ordered a Zucca!!! She's shipping it out today!! Yay!!! :yahoo: I couldn't wait forever for my Macy's to get them in stock so as soon as I got the phone call from Casey I ordered.
  6. Yes JenY, but I am not a crazy person haha. One bag of each print is good for me LOL. I'm not one to go TOO overboard. HAHHHA. I think my mom wants to pick up a portatelefono amore.
  7. Congrats TokiAngel!! :party: The zucca rocks :rochard:

    Jess, I can't believe you have such self control and you're a member of tpf!! :cutesy: Good 4 U!! I'm jealous.
  8. Oh trust me...my self control is not all there. I am supposed to be saving for my car!! I keep digging into my stinking car fund for tokidoki!

    I just bought a carmella from Pulse :biggrin: I think she's shipping it today or tomorrow. It's PERFECT. I can't wait.
  9. I got a Zucca from Pulse this afternoon too!!! And it has my Adios/Ciao Ciao above the zipper and in full view on the back. :cutesy: I'm so excited. I was torn between the Zucca and the BV but none of the BVs she had matched my "criteria." I'm so happy that Pulse got new stock. They really are a great store!!!!!
  10. I know, I :heart: Pulse.

    Cancelled pre-order Spiaggia though...but I did order the Caramella Amore so I'm OK. Saved money.
  11. congrats everyone!! :dothewave: :dothewave: I'm so happy they got their second shipment!!

    malleficent your zucca sounds perfect. I'm sure you'll love it!! I think you definitely made the right choice!! :graucho:
  12. Woo. I'm so bummed they don't have the stellinas (i originally ordered it, but then they didn't get shipment). Now I can't decide whether to get a caramella or go for a gioco. haha.
  13. huge price difference there, whiskers LOL. Both? HAHA.
  14. I know. I start seeing more pics of giocos and I really do like them as mini duffel bags. GeEE! I'm so horrible. I need to cut back.
  15. Whiskers can you get the stellina somewhere else like Macy's?? :shrugs: If not, get the gioco, you won't regret it!! :graucho: