Pulse getting their order

  1. Woo hoo! I just checked pulse and they have an update that they are getting their order later today and will start processing/shipping in the morning. :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Too bad mine's shipping parcel post. I should have it by the end of the summer! :sad:
  3. Why parcel post? I thought they ship free priority? Did you miss out on the discount and free ship?
  4. I actually ordered an adios star zucca from them before they got them in...then I found the perfect one at the mall so then I changed my order from adios zucca to an amore zucca pre-order b/c it was already paid for. And when I bought the adios I got 15% off but no free shipping. She told me it was $10 for priority and $6 for parcel post. I know, I know $4 difference, I should've just paid it but I was thinking :wtf: why should I pay $10 in shipping!!!
  5. I see what you mean $10 shipping seems a lot.
  6. Oh well...while everyone is rolling in their new toki I'll still be waiting for mine!! At least they're FINALLY getting them!! I just hope they get everything today and we don't have to wait for a second shipment or something :weird:
  7. I hope so too! I would hate to think I would have to wait for another shipment! :crybaby:
  8. We'll keep our fingers crossed. :sweatdrop: I guess we'll get emails when they send the stuff out? That's usually what's happened for me in the past :shrugs:
  9. yay finally your amore will be shipped out :biggrin:
  10. Mine is in the mail!!! :yahoo:
  11. WOO HOO!! Mine Too! Congrats! :drinkup:

    I can't wait to get my hands on it!
  12. They just sent me a pic and called and said they're shipping mine out today too!:happydance: oh no!!!! :wtf: I haven't lost the 20 lbs. I set out to lose before getting it!!!! It's 2 weeks early! :shocked: (Also tough on the cc too!!!):sweatdrop: And I just got my foresta so I'm rollin' in tokis and cc bills now! :sos: Is anyone else as excited and feel as nuts as I do? My DH won't be ready for another delivery this week:wtf:
  13. Wooo hooo! I got a call from Casey to tell me their doing the orders, so mine is shipping out today too! Can't wait, but I was so bummed too because they didn't have any denaros with the characters I wanted, so I opted out. Too bad, I really wanted a denaro, but didn't want to get it unless it had one of the charactesr I wanted :crybaby:
  14. I feel just as nuts I just got my fumo bella and adios gioco over the weekend. Now the amore is coming.

    You will just have to sneak the package in and hide it. :graucho:
  15. I'm thinking about a denaro too but I also want a discount on it as well. Not sure if that will be possible? I'm going to try and wait a little bit.