Pulse charged my cc at preorder

  1. I just got my cc statement and it looks as though Pulse charged my cc at the time I preordered my amore. Otherwise they double billed me when I ordered my pirata on the same day.

    I thought most companies don't charge you until the item comes in? Did this happen to anyone else?
  2. Dang, that sucks! I wouldn't think they would charge you until they have your product and was getting ready to ship it out.
  3. I checked my last few transactions and it isn't listed. I'll give it another day or two to see if anything was posted. I'm thinking they did charge me at the time of preorder. Which sucks! I overspent this month, ugh! :push:
  4. Definitely keep checking your CC bill to be sure it doesn't get charged again.
  5. when i pre-ordered amore, casey said she wouldnt charge my card until she shipped out the bag...and thats exactly what happened. im sure they'll refund you :p
  6. yah they don't charge until bags are shipped out...the charges were made to my account yesterday when the bags were shipped..maybe they messed up on yours?
  7. My amore zucca was charged to my Bf's acct in February when I placed the order :nuts: . So he's already been paying for it for two months. :shrugs:
  8. Casey told me the same thing...I wouldn't be charged until bag was shipped to me. I haven't been charged yet...so I'd definitely say something to them.
  9. So you're saying he was charged at the time of preorder for the amore too?

    I was told the same thing by Casey but mistakes do happen. As long as I'm charged only once for the amore that is fine. I'll pay it this month. I'll be keeping my eye out over the next few days for any other posts. Hopefully, there won't be any.
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm saying...he was charged at the time of preorder for amore. I guess it depended on who made the sale...some associates were charging the cards and some weren't :shrugs: It doesn't make sense but I'm keeping an eye on his card too b/c I'm worried that they'll now charge him again. :sweatdrop: That's what you should do just keep a close watch on it to be sure you aren't charged again.
  11. Yeah I'm sure they'll correct it too if they make a mistake. They are very customer oriented as we all know!
  12. Wow this worries me now. I just pre-ordered my spiaggia and i received my order confirmation. I'm hoping it was nothing more than a confirmation and that i won't be billed until the bag actually ships.
  13. I checked again today to see if anything was posted. Nothing. So that is good. It looks like I was just billed the one time at preorder.
  14. Just ask them...they'll tell you. They didn't charge me for my preorder until it shipped to me.
  15. Thank u, i'll do that!