Pulse Box Waiting at Home

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  1. I'm so excited. My Campeggio in Adios and BV in Pirata are at my house and waiting patiently for me. :yahoo: I wonder if I can use them as an excuse to leave work early? "I have to run, cause, I got some Tokidokis delivered?":wtf:

    Is Pulse still taking pre-orders for the Amore print? I didn't think to ask when I ordered these.
  2. I believe so. I posted on another thread that I talked with them on Saturday and they got confirmation of a second shipment.
  3. Yaaaa! I think I might pre-order one today! I got my money! lol

    But can anyone tell me why they took the automatic ordering from their site for tokidoki?
  4. Cool. I'll go ahead and try to pre-order on my way home. Now decision time. I've got a Zucca in Inferno, the Campeggio and BV come in today, a Bella in Playground and a Dolce in Paradiso on the way from the outlet (the Dolce is the youngun's) so what style should I get in the Amore? Stellina or another Zucca?
    UGH! How sad is that? Got a box waiting at home for me, one on the way, and I'm already plotting my next one?????? :roflmfao:
  5. Pulse had both of those styles available when I talked with them Sat.
  6. Kawaii Sweets...if you're asking about Pulse's automatic ordering..they never had it for tokidoki. Lesportsac wouldn't let them be an "authorized online seller" or something like that. You always had to call and order it over the phone. They've probably got so few bags left now before Lamore comes they probably thought it was easier to take it down?
  7. Oh, see I just know found out about that site, so yeah. I didn't know.
  8. Thanks for the info, Annie!! I have to rely on the PF for most of my Toki info. Living in the backwoods of Mississippi doesn't lend itself to thrilling shopping for things like Toki!!
  9. ^^Neither does living in the backwoods of Tennessee. lol
  10. Neither in the midwest for that matter! Ha! Ha!
  11. I talked to Casey this morning. She said she probably has 2 stellinas left and probably 2 zuccas left now. She said lesportsac is all sold out on the bambinos and bambinones(?) but they do have some campeggios, canguros, giocos, dolces, and lunas. I think they said that the ciaos are sold out too.
  12. Who are they selling the "sold out" bags to because I sure can't find any?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. I'm betting other major retailers. They probably grabbed them all.
  14. I live in the suburbs of Nashville and we don't have it here or in the city that I can find.
  15. Maybe they're creating a limited supply of this print since they're not supposedly going to sell it on their website or in their stores? Why wouldn't they sell it in their stores? I need them to explain!