Pulse and SH

  1. I see these names over and over again, and I hear that's where people get GREAT deals on tokidoki bags.

    How on EARTH do I get in contact with these places!? I want good deals and bags, too!

    Help me, fellow toki-ites. :heart:
  2. pulse has a website, pulsestl.com and sh is the south hampton lesportsac outlet, i'm not sure if you're suppose to post phone numbers on here but the numbers are on both the websites (lesportsac.com & pulsestl.com)
  3. SH has alot of Adios Star still in. I just ordered a few days ago :smile:
  4. You can just type them in on Google and find the numbers ^__^ And yes, lots of good deals from them :biggrin:
  5. ^_^ Thanks! ::kisses all around::
  6. I've only ordered from Pulse once, but I got free shipping and 20% off :biggrin: They're very friendly~
  7. Pulse usually has the free shipping and no sales tax if you live outside of Missouri. The 20% off usually is available after the print's been out a while. I think it's still too early for a sales on Trasporto, but they may have a discount for any Tutti (or older prints if they have them) in stock. Casey is the manager at Pulse and she is very helpful and patient with placement requests and sending pics via email of various placements to help you decide which one you like best. They have a website pulsestl.com which lists their phone number.

    South Hampton outlet will help with placement over the phone, but only during weekdays. Lindsey is probably the best one to speak with for placement requests there. If you go to the LeSportsac website, they list all the outlets and their phone numbers. Be advised that I have heard that Woodbury doesn't help with placement and Seattle no longer helps with placement.

    Good Luck!!
  8. the last time I bought Tutti at Pulse it was 25% off :smile: I got a Gioco for $120 and a Cucciolo for $148.50
  9. you can post #s... they just don't want the SAs posting numbers at least that's what I've come to understand