PULSE 15% off on TOKI's!

  1. Hello! Yesterday I ordered a Spiaggia Ciao and they had taken off 15%!

    Today Casey emailed me and said they just found out they are having a sale. Here's what she told me to tell the TPFers.. on what she has in stock if anyone is interested:

    Pirata: Luna and Bambinone
    Adios: Canguro
    Spaggia: Bambinone, Bambino, Canguro, Luna , Campeggio, Cucciolo, Nuvola, Scuola, and Portatelefono

    Have a great day!
  2. thanks for the info :biggrin: looks like you got the last spiaggia ciao :graucho:
  3. Hmmm no zucca Spiagga or any trenino huh? Sounds very tempting!
  4. mehhhhhh... need spiaggia denaro from someplace that is gonna help me with a print placement :sad: looks like im raiding "the closet" at the soho lesportsac next week...
  5. The Ciao I got was SpacyTracy's return! (thx tracy!)
  6. Dangit, I just ordered a Pirata Bambinone from LesportSac. I always miss sales.
  7. oooh Nuvola huh?
  8. Uhhuh! No tax and free shipping! BUY BUY BUY!!!:nuts:
  9. uh can I get my ciao back???? hehe, just kidding Leen!!
  10. :lol:!!
  11. I am thinking on getting a Spiaggia Nuvola !
    I have demailed them my request bag. Hopefully they found a nice one for me .
  12. demailed ? :confused1: does that mean you didn't email them . :lol:
  13. :graucho: buy buy buy!!
  14. ahhh i want a ciao!!!! hmm ok lemme look at that list again to see what i may want .... ban shman :biggrin:
  15. oh gosh, nomore for me...must stop. i am going to order an inferno bambinone from SH....can not do this any more. LOLz.