Pulling my hair out....

  1. can someone help me?

    Before the MP was closed, I bought an apple green mini twiggy from a member and from there on out, I have been hooked. I would love to buy more mini bbags, but I cannot find them anywhere. I called BNY and they have none and they arent making them anymore. AR doesnt have them either. I was told maybe I could call Saks, NM, Barneys to see if they have any but when I call, they have no idea what I am talking about.

    Is ebay my only hope? I did check and there is one listed, but I do not like the color and it is too wrinkled.

  2. Sorry, I think the only place you can find them is Ebay unfortunately...would you be open to the mini classique too, or are you just interested in the mini twiggy?
  3. I have been looking for both mini's, the classique and the twiggy. Besides the green apple I have, I have found nothing. I wish they would have kept making these...
  4. Me too, I think they are very cute!
  5. Cricket Liverpool has the mini classique in yellow and anis. LVR has the magenta and grey (you have to be specific when e-mailing them because these are from past seasons). A week or two ago, some PFers mentioned that Susan in SF also has some mini styles. All of these are brand new and authentic.
  6. Is this the phone number for Susans in SF? 415.922.3685

    When I call it, I get a voicemail that sounds like someone's personal voicemail.
  7. I have no idea Susans phone number. I don't even live in the same continent.
  8. Thanks!

    I have tried both numbers but they are personal phone numbers because they always go to a personal voicemail.