Pulling an all nighter....

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  1. So unhealthy, I know, BUT I have to do this 20 page research paper by tomorrow morning and well...I should be doing the paper but I just took a break on tPF...

    why is school SO demanding?!?!?!?!

  2. ^yuck!! I know how you feel:sad:

    The sememster is almost over, though!!! You'll get through it!!

    What are you going to school for?
  3. Hang in there. I pulled a few all-nighters too during college. It's bad for your health but at a time like this, you just got to do what you got to do. You can kick yourself later for being a procrasinator. Just finish that paper and nurse on Red Bull for the time being. You can sleep all you want after hell week is over. Good luck!
  4. I'm pulling an all nighter tonight too! I have three papers due tomorrow!!
  5. Hang in there! I have had to pull quite a number of all nighters in high school (I was in AP classes that were ridiculous and also went to CC part time at the same time) and in college. The next day is hell, but you'll get through it.


    Get of tPF and start working!!! :biggrin:
  6. The earliest I have been to bed in the past week is 3:30am. It's been 5am the past few days. I sleep a few hours and then get right back up. I think I have read something like 2400 pages in the past week. I still have another week of finals. I can't wait until this is over! I'm about to brew up some tasty coffee and get back to the books. I like to come to TPF for a quick break now and then so I can refocus. All nighters are bad, but it is always a nice feeling when you are finished with your paper/test and can relax! Good luck. Oh, and courier new takes up the most room as fonts go. ;)
  7. To my fellow all nighters....good luck, and we should treat ourselves to a nice bag when the semester is over!

    Katheryn...thanks for the advice on the courier new...I may need it
  8. You can do it!! Believe me, all nighters 20 years after college are, ahem, MUCH harder to recover from (and thankfully, not as necessary).
  9. i hate when this happens, good luck and hang in there the semester is almost over...:yahoo:
  10. Blah it's hell week here too.. trying not to do an all nighter but to get some rest for the exam. Best of luck all!
  11. because we want to have what it takes to keep up in the rat race of life