pullin' my hair out trying to choose between these wallets...HELP!!!!

  1. okay, i realized instead of posting across all the sub-forums here about each wallet i'm in love with, i should just put them all together and see what you guys think. i LOOOOOOVE all of these and am obsessed with them, but I can only choose one. I realize they're all pretty different, but if you were me, which would be your favorite? TIA!!!!!!!!

    Here we have: gucci silver wallet (from spring/summer line), fendi b (thanks to chloe-babe for helping me locate it), LV damier koala, or LV MC white koala...
    gucci.jpg fendib.jpg koala%20damier.jpg mcLV.jpg
  2. Oooo, too many good ones to choose from. but i'll go w/ the white koala cuz lv is one of my faves.
  3. I have the LV MC white & its pretty hard to maintain in terms of cleanliness. Its still clean though but the more I use it the more it's bound to get dirty. If you like LV I suggest the Damier Koala.

    I also like the Fendi B wallet.

  4. I like the Fendi wallet!:heart:
  5. I like the LV Koala!:yes:
  6. koala damier!
  7. fendi = thats the one I want. I have to say they are all gorgeous though
  8. I like the silver gucci!
  9. Damier koala!
  10. I am a fan of the Fendi as well - so pretty and shiny!
  11. Fendi B!
  12. Koala!!!!!!!!!!!1111
  13. my vote is for the damier koala!
  14. NOT DAMIER - i like the white koala the best :love:
  15. The LV DK is the most practical. Since your other choices are silver leather, patent leather and white leather, I think the DK is the best choice and neutral enough to be fine with most of your bags. It will not show the dirt like the white or the silver and it will not get marked up like the patent leather might. It is patent leather, right?